Personal Trainer, Jack Eyers Interview

GQ: You must be bored about it but I think we it's essntial to talk about your leg first.
JE: I was born with a deficiency called PFFD(Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency), right leg could not grow up nomally and the joint didn't move either, so I've got an amputation operation when I was 16 years old.

GQ: You were so young at that time, I guess making this dicision must be not easy. 
JE: I always wanted to get the operation but I had to wait till my body grown up. There was planty of things inconvenient, I was almost 190cm tall but couldn't bend my knee at a cinema, can you imagine how it was! So the amputation was to improve my way of life... my leg was holding me back and i need it gone!

GQ: What kind of relationship does your job have with the ‘gym'?
JE: I am a personal trainer and assistant gym manager.

GQ: Was there a specific reason that inspired you to work out so hard?
JE: I like to challenge myself and build a better person by working hard

GQ: How many hours a day do you spend just to work out your body?
JE: 2 hours a day 6 days a week. 

GQ: Would you consider yourself as an exercise‐addict?

GQ: Any plans on exercising today? Or have you already done your exercise routine?
JE: Today I'm training weights chest and shoulders and finishing with 100m sprints on the rowing machine.

GQ: What is your very first and last part of the routine for your work out?
JE: First i warm up with dumbells and then i cool down with stretches. It is important to relax the muscle as working hard.

GQ: During work outs, when is the most painful, and in contrast, when is the most satisfying?
JE: For me the most painful is the most satisfying part of the workout... you only grow when you push yourself.

GQ: There is a trend in exercises, too. What are the top fitness trends now?
JE: Top fitness trends around my town is still crossfit.

GQ: What kind of fitness do you think will be trending soon?
JE: I think bootcamps will be trending soon as its getting into summer.

GQ: For a beginner, what kind of exercise would you recommend and why?
JE: I would recommend that you train with a personal trainer if its your first time as technique is very important.

GQ: What is your work out music playlist like? Please be specific.
JE: MY workout playlist is UK grime and hard core hiphop.

GQ: I want to know very specifically about your exercise outfits.
JE: Fresh bright trainers, sports shorts and a muscle vest.

GQ: If you can only wear one pair of sneakers, which sneakers would it be? Please mention the name of theshoes. 
JE: My black Adidas striped kicks.

GQ: What is your favorite part from your body?
JE: My favorite part of my body is my leg!!

GQ: How did you start to work as a model?
JE: Oneday, I read an article about the diversity of model and I though It can be me!

GQ: I bet working as a model is kind of challenge for you, what was the hardest thing you've experienced?
JE: I've fought for a long time with so many response saying my leg is more showed off than the clothes. It's getting easy recently but still have difficulty.

GQ: Now you are building up your currier as a good model, cover model for British <Men's Health>, runway model for New York Fashion Week etc.
JE: <Men's Health> shooting was very different from other shoots... I was on the front cover!!! And runway show was another amazing experience!! I was so great full that Urzi asked me to walk for him!!

GQ: What significance do these series of social activities have for you? In the bigger picture, what significancedo you think it might have for the other people with disabilities?
JE: I have started to become a roll model for other amputees and disabled models.

GQ: Where were you when you first opened your eyes this morning?
JE(Jack Eyers): This morning I woke up in my flat in Bournemouth

GQ: You were born and raised, and still living in Bournemouth. What kind of city is it?
JE: Bournemouth is a multi-cultural city by the sea, i was born in Glastonbury in Somerset.

GQ: Is there something like a ritual or habit that you carry out every morning? For example, you could drink anentire bottle of water, give someone a hug, or just space out. 
JE: Every morning i make myself a power smoothie (spinach, berries, banana, ginger, garlic and grapefruit juice)

GQ: How far have you gone with diet meal plans?
JE: At the moment i am just starting a new meal plan.

GQ: Is there a wonderful work out location that you would want to bring home to? 
JE: Bondi Beach in Australia was insane!

GQ: I have looked at your SNS accounts and it seems like you are into other sports like wakeboard or skibesides fitness. Are there any other sports you enjoy? Why so?
JE: I love every water sport, kayaking is such a buzz

GQ: What other sports you would like to try out?
JE: I think i would like to get my diving PADI and also skydiving ticket.



This article has been featured on <GQ> Korea's April 2016 issue.