Vogue Korea (VK): When did you first start using perfumes, do you remember?
Sky Ferreira (SF): My mom was pretty strict about that stuff I remember I sneaked in and used her perfume.

VK: Do you remember what it was?
SF: No I don’t at all. I just sort of see stuff and I don't pay attention to words or labels or like that. So I just go 'Oh, This is a pretty bottle. I wonder what’s in it.' It’s like those red button on elevators ‘don't touch it’, that’s what perfume was for me.

VK: What was your first impression of the Illicit?
SF: It’s like not too overwhelming which is like why I liked it because it’s bold but it's feminine it’s pretty subtle it’s not too bad because I would get like a headache for scents like that. You know it’s floral sort of my go to light floral jasmine and stuff like that. I grew up in the beach and there’s like Sandelwood in it I grew up in the beach and it reminds me of when I go home in LA.

VK: So you’re going to do this amazing performance in London facing the Thames River. How does that feel?
SF: It's cool I mean I won’t be jumping off the boat or anything, not today. I usually only get dark curtains behind me so a skyline is nice. Good backdrop. Besides, I haven’t been playing for a long time so I’m excited.

VK: New side of Sky, you get to enjoy and have fun and do what you like. Let’s talk a little bit about your red lipstick. It’s that a special thing or something you picked up along the way.
SF: No my mum wears red lipstick and she didn’t let me wear a lot of makeup growing up. I wear eyeliner and that’s pretty much all I was allowed to wear except lipstick cuz she told me it brightens up my face and I don’t have to put all the other stuff on you like foundation and stuff and that was sort of the thing she taught me so the red lipstick really stuck with me and I wear Russian Red cuz it’s the perfect red (it’s my mac) it’s literally the essential red lipstick and I also like Nars, the thing is I would wear it and blot it and then I have the thing that I’m wearing right now that’s not red is a rose colour by Givenchy I like that one I like Marc Jacobs, I like their makeup I love YSL’s makeup, too.

VK: Now you have the freedom to explore and choose whatever you like and you can just pick out.
SF: I feel like I’m trying to be a lot more interested in makeup over the past years that I have been.

VK: Any other beauty tip? Korea is pretty serious about skincare, beauty regime is important.
SF: I think SPF is a good one. It’s a safe one. I think everyone should have something to do with it. And I think it’s something you should start from young. So that’s probably my main skincare thing. I moisture my skin a lot because I’m always travelling a lot and like the amount of sleep that I don’t get will make my skin gross after a while cuz I never was someone who got Acne or anything I never had that. I’d only get hormonal weird pimple things. I was very lucky in that sense, I always wore SPF but I never realized how great it was to take care of your skin because I sort of took advantage of having good skin. I just put water on myself. As I started touring more and working more also on shoots and that kind of stuff it was weird I started getting my skin started having more problems as I got older and so unlike my teen years which I wished was the other way around so I just try to kind of moisturize and stuff like that and I love SK2 mask, because it just does whoo (stick to your skin and does the work) also my eyes just the way it is it really shows when I don’t sleep and I don’t get much sleep when I’m working so if I’m on tour I just put it on before I’m playing and I feel a little more awake and better. I think if you’re going to take care of something it definitely is your skin because that’ll be with you forever.

VK: What are you wearing?
SF: It’s YSL and I’m wearing Jimmy Choo. I won’t tell Hedi Slimane.

VK: You’re really good friends with Hedi Slimane aren’t you?
SF: Yes he’s been shooting me like since I was 16.

VK: He’s an amazing inspiration sa is watched by everyone with interest.
SF: It’s clothes I can wear that are luxury for red carpet and stuff. Because a lot of clothes that I wear, I love like beautiful gowns and stuff like that but I don't know I don’t want to feel like clothes are wearing me that sort of stuff and his clothes I never feel like that I feel like I’m always myself but I also think that’s my connection with him in general I feel like he really captures me in a way nobody else does which is personal.

VK: When was your first encounter with Jimmy Choo?
SF: Right before the shot for this campaign. It was with Steven Klein off the opportunity when I spoke to Jimmy Choo about the fragrance and I like to do things that I relate to cause if I wanted to sell something I don’t feel any connection with (you don’t want to just be the face of something you want to be part of it). The fragrance I think is sort of like my music. It’s not vulnerable. I think my music is like feminine but it is aggressive still in some ways and I feel like that’s what the fragrance is bold but feminine and Steven Klein shot it who is a friend of mine so I thought it was going to be fun and I knew I would look good you know also like my music and my work or whatever it represents a different side like I said it shows a different side of me and I feel like this is sort of something people don’t know about me.

VK: It’s very nice. It’s very precious and soft and something special about it I think.
SF: And it’s sophisticated and now that I’m a bit older I’d like to be sophisticated it’s like a personal goal I’m working on.

VK: What’s coming up next in your calendar after this?
SF: I’m releasing a single later in the summer. And some like visual stuff with it. Yeah I did 2 films this year. They’re independent films so you never know what their schedule is what their release date is. So probably early next year or something so I’m not quite sure.

VK: Any plans to come to Korea?
SF: Maybe! If the opportunity comes I’m sure why not! I’ve gone before. I did a song with G Dragon. I sung a song with him and it was totally random. I didn’t know anything about him but I did it for fun and I said sure because I met him and this girl CL. Jeremy Scott put me in touch with CL and he just kind of took us around and hung out and somehow I ended up on a song. 

Written by Inhae Yeo
Photo by Youngchul Kim
This article has been featured on <Vogue> Korea's December 2015 issue.