Oikonomos* is a global intercultural communications company based in London, UK.


As the main part of our work, we act as a bridge to link Korea and Europe communicating from, to and between different cultures and propose and facilitate localized strategy for luxury businesses and organisations. The activities include media planning, digital exposure, localized events, build relationship with key influencers, and market consulting for both cultures.

Exclusive features, reports, and research analysis from Europe and Korea are planned and executed as part of the communications strategy.

We perform and deliver results across all luxury fields including fashion, beauty and life style. English and Korean are the two main languages of communications.

*Oikonomos is a Greek word that refers to a manager having a duty and supervising the whole household given from the master and is the root to the word'economy'.


Inhae Yeo is the Director of Oikonomos, a Fashion Consulting company based in London. She plays a significant roll acting as the bridge to connect the Korean and London’s fashion industries. She advises, greets and leads the Korean influencers during London Fashion Week.
“Inhae Yeo, a contributor for Vogue Korea who heads up fashion consulting firm Oikonomos, believes that a credible connection comes through clearly in G Dragon’s social feeds.
— BUSINESS OF FASHION, Talking about the digital influence of G Dragon.
Fashion director Inhae Yeo was a natural choice given her in depth knowledge and long term relationship with the London fashion industry. She is a respected expert with a proven track record.
Inhae Yeo, director at Oikonomos, opens this month’s main theme, ‘festival’ by exploring in depth the purpose and strategy behind global brands partnering with cultural festivals to celebrate their heritage.
— AVENUE L, opening the issue with a column exploring luxury brands' communications strategies.
“Passionate with a positive drive to initiate, Inhae Yeo, director at her own agency, Oikonomos from London, contributes to Vogue delivering exciting stories from Europe.